The connection between buyers and suppliers of Compliant Chemicals

What it's all about

Maintaining and overseeing compliances of chemical flows in the supply chain from supplier to customer has become increasingly demanding and time consuming.

The main drivers for this are the tightening chemicals regulations globally spearheaded by the extremely complex EU REACH and CLP Regulations. Ensuring that only compliant materials are procured, used and placed on the market is paramount in order to control associated liabilities and market disruptions. Controlling compliances is time consuming, costly, requires specific competences and usually are non-core activities for many companies.

CompliantSuppliers frees your company from these compliance checks.

What is CompliantSuppliers?

What is CompliantSuppliers?

CompliantSuppliers is a revolutionary service that connects suppliers of compliant chemicals with Buyers looking for compliant chemicals.

For buyers CompliantSuppliers provides direct access to connect with suppliers of compliant chemicals and therefore Buyers no longer need to do their own compliance checks and assess the related regulatory risks. For suppliers, the service provides a channel to increase sales of compliant chemicals and finally turn compliance efforts into business.

How Buyers and Suppliers benefit from CompliantSuppliers?

CompliantSuppliers makes for faster, more reliable, secure, and transparent commercial transactions between chemical suppliers and buyers whilst minimizing potential chemical compliance related risks and liabilities.

For the Buyer of compliant Chemicals

For the Buyer, CompliantSuppliers provides a possibility to find more new suppliers of compliant chemicals for faster business transactions as no further chemical compliance checks are required. Furthermore, the buyer may also have REACHLaw as a global chemicals compliance expert to support the Buyer with any required chemical compliance work. Some of the benefits are:

  • No More compliance checks
  • Simplifies and speeds up your procurement processes
  • Reduce risk and simplify business

Get direct access to true Suppliers of compliant chemicals (not just catalogued for volume)

For the Supplier of Compliant Chemicals

CompliantSuppliers provides suppliers a possibility to find more new buyers of compliant chemicals for additional business opportunities. Where the supplier so desires, CompliantSuppliers also provides possibilities to have REACHLaw as a global chemicals compliance expert to take care of some or all parts of the chemical compliance management work related to the placing chemicals in on different markets. Some of the benefits are:

  • Increase your market exposure and increase your sales
  • Get direct access to buyers of compliant chemicals
  • Turn your compliance efforts into business
  • Simplifies and speeds up your transactions (less time spent on suppliers’ own compliance checks)
  • Become a global market player

Get access to Global Chemicals Compliance support through REACHLaw standardized services

CompliantSuppliers supported markets
& chemical regulations

To standardize and simplify mandatory chemical regulation compliance checks

The purpose of CompliantSuppliers is to standardize and simplify mandatory chemical regulation compliance checks in selected markets between Suppliers and Buyers in the supply chain. Only Chemicals that have passed a compliance validation performed by REACHLaw can be accessed by potential buyers.

CompliantSuppliers brings compliance with the following regulations:

  • EU REACH and CLP Regulations (Jurisdiction: European Union/ European Economic Area)
  • Turkey KKDIK, SEA and GBF Regulations (Jurisdiction: Turkey)
  • UK REACH Regulation (Jurisdiction: The UK – upon the end of the transition period)
  • Eurasia REACH Regulation (Jurisdiction: Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan)
  • India REACH (Jurisdiction: India – upon entry into force)
  • China REACH and GHS (Jurisdiction: Republic of China)
  • Korea REACH and GHS (Jurisdiction: South Korea)

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